Welcome to The Mixing Sessions

I’ve just received my brand new Thermomix (wwww.thermomix.com.au) and I’m putting it through it’s paces.

He is affectionately known as “the Mix” in the house – here he is now!

I’ve taken inspiration from so many thermomix blogs of ordinary people and collated lots of recipes I want to try.  So this is my return gesture – a journal of what I’m doing with my mix.

So what was the very first thing I made in the thermomix?  Easy Peasy Butter!  Quickly followed by a Pesto sauce and some pasta for dinner and a chocolate custard for dessert.  And it was eaten all so quickly that there are NO photos!!??!

But fear not dear readers because I am cooking up a storm again today and I promise photos of these exploits – after all, what’s a cooking blog without photos???  

So stay tuned to this station blog ……….