Wooo Hooo, I’ve got some Crio Bru!


I have been wanting to try this stuff for ages but with no NSW stockists I had to order it online. Now I am an avid online shopper so I have no idea why I was put off from ordering this stuff, but a recent check of their website showed Crio Bru has its first NSW stockists – Onyx Natural Health.

Even better, I was going to be in Danks St Waterloo (where Onyx are located) the next day! I knew I was finally going to get my hands on some of this supposedly magic stuff! Can you sense how excited I was?

So I turn up at Onyx, only to find that they are a brand new store and not even open – there was paper covering the windows. So, disappointed me, called the number to find out when they would be opening – tomorrow! Can you say unlucky!

But the most loveliest man (whose name I didn’t get) opened up the store just for me to get my Crio Bru! I love customer service like that!

So if you are in Sydney and are looking to get some Crio, visit the lovely people at Onyx Natural Health.

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or gifted anything by Crio Bru for this post, I just really want to try it and I received no payment from Onyx Natural Health – I just think excellent customer service should be acknowledged.


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