The Basics – vegetable stock


One of the key staples in my fridge is Vegetable Stock. Whenever a recipe calls for beef stock, chicken stock or vegetable stock – I use my thermomix vegetable stock! I love it because it has no MSG, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no preservatives (well I guess salt is a preservative but you know what I mean).

Flavour without the nasties – this is one of the reasons I bought my thermomix in the first place. Even better, the stock easily lasts six months in the fridge which means you really only have to make a batch up 2 or 3 times a year – come on anybody can do that!

The Australian thermomix book Eveyday Cooking for Every Family has a stock recipe but I have found it a little bland so I like to Flavour it up a bit with my Secret ingredients.

I start off with those random vegetables in the fruit drawer – I know you have some floating in your fridge too so don’t look at me like that! In this batch that included carrots, tomatoes, green capsicum, an onion, some bay leaves and some cloves of garlic. The EDC only uses one clove and this is my first secret – increase this to two cloves.

Then I add my special ingredients which are here for flavour, taste and smell. Now promise you want go telling everybody. I include a couple of cm of fresh ginger, peeled; one sprig of rosemary and a red chilli and maybe 4-5 seeds. I find that these additions make the stock really tasty And give your dish the Flavour you need.



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