Ricotta Gnocchi


After a hot Sunday we felt like a light dinner tonight. I had all (well all 3 – so not too big a coincidence) the ingredients on hand for the Ricotta Gnocchi from the Thermomix Vegetarian cookbook. I’ve been wanting to try this one out for a while so tonight it was on the menu!

You could easily accomplish this recipe in a food processor as well, or really even with a wooden spoon and bowl! But of course it is easier using the kneading function on the thermomix!

It all came together well, but with gnocchi you never know until you taste it whether or not it is going to be just perfect. And it was! The mister and the boys gobbled it all down, the only problem was that the recipe didn’t really make enough! I made the larger serving which I presume is meant to feed four but it was not really enough for our family of two adults and two boys under 6. So if you were feeding anymore than this I would be sure to increase the recipe.


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