Christmas Gifts

In December, Mr 5 graduated from preschool.  He had been at this same daycare since he was 14 months old – so it was a big milestone for us.

I decided to make his preschool teachers some edible gifts to say thanks and Merry Christmas.

We had some Cookies and Cream Fudge (from here: ) which was sensational!  I was still eating little pieces of this right up until Christmas Day – it is definitely one of my favourite treats but I am a huge fudge fan so that was predictable.  This was my first attempt at fudge making and it was such an easy and fail proof recipe.


And some of Rara’s Cherry Bites (from here: ).  I found that next time I would probably use another packet of glace cherries for our taste but otherwise they were delicious.  As you can see, I need some practice on making my chocolate coating a little neater!

Combined with a lovely bottle of Sparkling White I think it made a lovely gift.


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