Party Time!

It was Mr 5  (previously known as Mr 4) birthday last week.  With the boys birthday’s so close together and right before Christmas, it’s always a hectic time in our house.  This year even more so because Hubby had his appendix removed 3 days before the party as well.  Add work into the mix and …. well …. it was just plain crazy!

I was dreaming of making a whole bunch of healthy homemade food for the party – ham and cheese scrolls, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets – and the kids were going to lovingly eat it all and tell me how delicious it was!  I did say it was a dream!  Anyway, reality was quite different but I still put the thermomix to work to get some party food ready seeing as I had next to no time to prepare.

Thermomix Chocolate Crackles

I don’t like the copha chocolate crackles so I thought I would experiment with rice bubble marshmallow slice and see if I could firstly make it chocolate and secondly if it would set in patty pans rather than as a slice.  Just a little piece of advice – don’t experiment when you are short on time and don’t know the appliance you are using very well! 

I based my recipe on the one from here (Post #13) and added 1 tablespoon of cocoa in with the butter and marshmallows.

I think they turned out great, no copha taste and plenty of chocolate flavour.  They set well in the patty pans.  Next time, when I have more time, I would finish them off with a drizzle of melted white chocolate to enhance their appearance!

Honey Joys

Alas, I have no photos of the honey joys but they turned out really well.  I had my doubts as I thought the thermomix would crush all the cornflakes – but I’m happy to admit I was wrong.

I will definitely be doing these again, they were super easy and quick and made from ingredients that I normally always have on hand – 90g butter, 125g sugar, 3 tbs honey and 120g of cornflakes.

ILB Chocolate Cake

I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my cakes but seeing as the thermie was out and I was desperately short of time and energy I thought I would try out this one  It has 22 pages of people singing its praises so it had to be OK – right?????

Better than right – this cake was fantastic, light, crumbly and moist!  You have got to try it.  And it makes a wonderful pirate cake!!!!!!!!


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