Boiled Orange and Almond Cake

I had some oranges in the fridge to use up and I thought I would try out the Boiled Orange and Almond Cake in the Thermomix Australia Everyday Cooking book.

First of all, it is labelled “Fat Free” – but it has eggs and almonds.  Now, I’m no dietician but last time I checked eggs and almonds both had fat in them???  Maybe they mean there is no fats (ie butter or oil) used in the recipe but, sadly, it is definitely not fat free. 

Completely off topic but I do think there is a need for a decadent fat free (and if they can manage calorie free) cake – then we can all have our cake and eat it too!

I had made one of these cakes pre thermomix which called for the oranges to be boiled for 2 hours but this one only said to boil for 45 mins which I think might be one of the issues.  I found the cake had a bitter aftertaste which may be from the oranges not being cooked enough.

This is a very dense, moist cake.   I cooked it in a square pan as instructed but I found that the the edges were browned but the middle part of the cake was still a little under done and gooey.  If I was to cook it again I would probably do it in a ring pan to avoid the undercooking.

Despite the addition of baking powder, the cake doesn’t rise too much.  It looks like a pretty sad cake when it’s whole and is best presented sliced up in little squares.

Overall, it’s not my favourite cake – I prefer light, crumbly cakes like red velvet but I took it in to work and some people liked it (or maybe they were just being polite).  I will probably give it another try eventually but I would boil the oranges longer to remove all bitterness and I would use a ring pan.

Has anyone else made this cake and know the secret to making it taste delicious?


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