Hummus – Greg Malouf Style

I love Hummus but everytime I made it with the tinned chickpeas in the food processor it came out all gritty and earthy.  Nothing like the deliciously smooth and nutty hummus that I bought at the local lebanese restaurant.

And then one day I came across Greg Malouf’s book Moorish which unlocked the secret of fabulous hummus and dear reader I’m going to pass this secret onto you – I promise it will make your homemade hummus taste like the most divine hummus ever. 

It’s so simple I can’t believe it never occurred to me – the chickpeas need to be cooked!  Simmering on the stove for approximately two hours according to Malouf, until you get a porridge like consistency.  And then you blend.

I was a bit ambitious and thought it should be easy enough to convert into thermomix language.  So hear we go:

I use dried chickpeas that soak overnight (umm maybe just most of the day).  I normally cook more but this is all I had left.

The handy weighing scales of the Thermomix tells me this was 110g of chickpeas.  Put into the mixing bowl, add plenty of water and cook at 100C /1 hour / Reverse + Stir speed.

And this is what I call porridge consistency.

Now to add some garlic, lemon juice, tahini and salt (I use himalyan pink salt for everything).  Also used about 2 tsp of olive oil and some water to get the right consistency.

I did a couple of turbo pulses.  Because this wasn’t a great amount of hummus, it ended up all over the sides and the lid, so I had to scrape down with the spatula a couple of times and pulse again.

And Voila – perfect lebanese restaurant hummus!


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